Why I Quit Coffee for Green Tea

Why I Quit Coffee for Green Tea #lecitykitty

Myth buster, life DOES NOT begin after coffee. In fact, the apocalypse begins after coffee. I don’t know about you, but after a few cups of Joe I turn into a zombie. My journey to the undead began a few months ago. I found myself addicted to java, consuming 3-4 cups a day. And even though it was awesome in the beginning (coffee was my brain juice) I started to feel the effects of the walking dead. I was dehydrated all the time, not to mention anxious and jittery. At night it was worse. I developed insomnia and restless leg syndrome. I felt awful, until a sleepless, irritable, sluggish me decided to ween off the bean juice. I nursed a caffeine hangover the first week, but once I kicked my coffee cravings I started to feel human again. Whilst doing so I did my homework on green tea. I figured I would need a jolt on those stagnant days.

Did you know green tea is actually the healthiest beverage on the planet? It’s loaded with powerful antioxidants that help treat various diseases, aid in repairing a weak immune system, contains amino acids that improve brain function, AND increases fat burning. Say what? Not only had green tea become my mood buster, it was my fat buster as well. Drinking green tea alleviated stress, tension, and made me feel less anxious. It also provided me with energy throughout the day with zero crashing. I was a zombie no more! I felt healthier and inspired to workout again. It’s been a month now and there’s no looking back! So, if you want to feel better, lose weight and lower your risk of chronic diseases, you might want to consider making green tea a regular part of your life, as I did.


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