What’s Your Nail Style?

What's Your Nail Style? Kylie Jenner #lecitykitty

Since I was twelve I’ve been getting my nails done professionally. When I was younger, I’d tag along with my mom to her favorite nail salon in our neighborhood. I would watch in awe as the manicurist applied a new set of acrylic tips, shaped them square, then polished her nails to a glossy finish. This was the one thing I always loved doing with my mom, and soon it would be my turn. In high school I was out of control. I had really long square-shaped artificial nails with funky designs that my mom hated. But, these days I maintain my nails using gel or I occasionally add natural looking nail extensions. I once delved into the stiletto nail trend, but it didn’t last long. Let’s just say they were too dangerous for me.

With the stiletto trend in mind and my infrequent acrylic tips, I thought I would try something new. Last week, Thursday, my boyfriend celebrated his birthday and all his friends were invited, one of which whose girlfriend is a nail artist. Elissa Schell is a manicurist at Paintbox down on Crosby Street in New York. I spoke to her about taking my tired oval-shaped nails and upgrading to a sleek square shape. Elissa told me about the new trending “Coffin” shape as a cool alternative. I was between the “Coffin” and “Almond” styles, but after seeing Kylie Jenner’s nails (above) I think I am set! I’ll be getting my nails done this weekend, so stay tuned! Have you discovered what your nail style?

What's Your Nail Style? #lecitykitty

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