The Truth About Injectables and Fillers #LeCityKitty

The Truth About Injectables and Fillers

The Truth About Injectables and Fillers #LeCityKitty

I have thought long and hard about diving into this topic, and have finally decided to share with you, the truth about injectables and fillers, from my perspective. It all began when I discovered Juvéderm (a product I received to fill my lips) in July of 2015… I immediately wanted to tell the world, mostly because I thought others would notice I got work done, but more so because, I really loved the results. Of course, I was concerned about the reaction I might get, so I backed off. Since then, I have plumped my lips twice, and most recently received Belotero fillers in my lips, Radiesse injections around my nasel folds, and Xeomin injections between-the-brow and around my eyes. I even went to the daring lengths of showcasing my latest wrinkle-fighting adventure on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Before Belotero and Radiesse with Dr. Bass

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The truth is, there is without a doubt, a stigma associated with cosmetic procedures. The topic is quite tricky, but so many of us are taking the plunge. Why not talk about it? There are but so many beauty products that aid in the fight against wrinkles, and I’ve tried most of them. It is evident that we will all age eventually, I am just taking a more firm approach to prevent that process. As I mentioned, it began when I discovered Juvéderm, but the seed was planted long before then. For several years prior to my first treatment, I flirted with the idea of getting my lips done, and always knew it was something I wanted to do. I’ve had some friends and boyfriends tell me I didn’t need fillers. And I didn’t. Who actually needs Juvéderm? It is an elective procedure, and one that solely serves superficial “needs”. I didn’t care. I really wanted to try it.

After Belotero and Radiesse with Dr. Bass

The Truth About Injectables and Fillers #LeCityKitty

I remember finally being ready; I had been making lots of changes in my life and I was prepared to do something for myself. I was feeling free and adventurous, and just went for it! I did some research and found Enhance Aesthetic Arts in Gramercy Park, and treated myself to new, fuller lips. It was exciting and a bit painful. Obviously, nothing I wouldn’t do again. You see, I hated the way my top lip curled in like The Joker, circa 1989. It was something that always bothered me when I smiled, so I rarely smiled for photos. I paid attention to people’s mouths when they spoke. I knew exactly what I wanted.

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Today, I go to Dr. Bass for all of my enhancements. Without sounding full of myself, I know that I am externally beautiful. I also know that I never needed any cosmetic procedures. I do this for myself, because I really love the way it looks. I have a close friend who was concerned about me possibly taking it too far, and looking like Big Ang (may she rest in peace). Knowing precisely what I want is helpful for Dr. Bass, and for myself. I do not intend on exaggerating my mouth, or face, for that matter. I like having full lips. I feel even sexier than I did before. If you didn’t know, I have just celebrated my 34th birthday. I plan on extending my youthful look for as long as I can, with the help of Dr. Bass, of course.

If I’ve peaked your interest, you are more than welcome to give my doctor a ring. Tell him I sent you! Also, if you have any questions, I will gladly answer them the best I can, in the comments below.