Top 10 Nude Lipsticks to Try Now

Top 10 Nude Lipsticks #lecitykitty

When attempting beautiful bold eyes, it is often suggested you apply nude lipstick as to not look like a prostitute you’re doing too much. This is a rule I follow religiously when considering my makeup style. Whether you’re going for cheeky colored lashes, sparkly lids, or a sumptuous smokey eye, you should (almost) always pair your bold peepers with a pale pout. Even if you’re considering a look of heavy contouring, I would definitely suggest opting for lighter lips to amplify your guise. And if you needed any help selecting the best neutral tones, you can shop from my top 10 nude lipsticks below!

Take your nude look to the next level with a Kylie Jenner-inspired lipstick tutorial by Marianna Hewitt of La La Mer.

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