Tattoo Rue Fading Away with Tataway

Photo Oct 25, 4 11 49 PM

You have been watching as my finger tattoos make a disappearing act, with each visit to Tataway growing more and more transparent and less visible. I’ve experienced my second visit to the New York office of laser tattoo removal professionals, Tataway, and surprised yet again with the results of PicoSure. Although, my visit on October 4th was really painful, it was definitely worth it. This time Marta went a bit deeper with the PicoSure laser, which sucked during the process. Yes, it was awful, but the pain didn’t last much longer after we were done. I left the office with two tender fingers that went back to normal within hours. What’s more is this process left my tattoos looking significantly lighter in shade with a chunk of my diamond gone. Parts of the letters of my “Fashion” tattoo have gotten thinner as well.

I really want you to try it! I have finally gotten my tattoo rue to fade away and it’s all thanks to Tataway. Most of my friends have ink they want to remove and have inquired about my undertaking and its costs. There is no cheap or easy remedy to removing unwanted tattoos, but there is in fact a permanent solution beyond permanent ink. Seeking laser tattoo removal to get rid of your “No Ragrets” stamp is your first step, your second should be to haul your ass down to Tataway and get to work! Make your appointment now and tell them I sent you. You will receive $50 off any PicoSure removal with code: LCK. Stop waiting around, that tattoo isn’t going to disappear on its own. Tataway comes highly recommended from me.

Do you have questions about the process? Ask me anything in the comments below.


Photo Oct 25, 4 11 25 PM

Photographed by Miguel Aviles