Tataway Blowout Removal #lecitykitty

Tattoo Blowout GONE with Tataway!

Tataway Blowout Removal #lecitykitty

It’s the little things that count in life, like having your tattoo blowout completely removed. I showed up at Tataway for a routine laser tattoo removal appointment for my fingers when I mentioned to Marta that I noticed some blurred ink around my vampire teeth tattoo. She quickly sat me in the chair and proceeded to zap the blowout away. It may not seem like much, but if you’ve ever had this problem, you know that it can take away from the coolness of your tattoo, like my vampire teeth. Rawr! Check out some really awesome before and after photos, here.

What’s more is Tataway has developed the T2 Protocol which has jumpstarted up the removal process of my finger tattoos. By using a combination of the PicoSure and RevLite lasers they are utilizing both Theramal and Pressure waves to expedite the digestion of ink. As you may (or may not) know, black ink can be somewhat tricky to breakdown during the removal process, but the PicoSure does a fantastic job of breaking up the ink for the body to digest faster.

Tataway Fashion Tattoo

Not convinced yet? Here are a few testimonials that reeled me in: tataway.com

  • Alexis Leya

    Hey – I am going to a place in Cleveland with a Picosure laser to fix some blow out on my inner arm. I have a bruise looking situation along the underside. I was wondering how close to the line they were able to get for you? Since my tattoo is just a meandering line, I really want to keep the simple, clean shape. Or whatever, I’ll just get a bunch of other shit and cover it up.

  • Alanna Giselle

    how many sessions did it take for the blowout around your tattoo to completely be removed?