Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal Progress #lecitykitty

Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal Progress


It has been two weeks since my initial laser tattoo removal session with Tataway. Featured below is my progress after one week. I know, it looks terrible. You can see my knuckle is brown, my skin is pealing, and the tattoo revealed is now blue. But, guess what? Those are all great signs that my removal process is not only working fast, but it is healing fast, too! I asked Phil Marandola, co-founder of Tataway why the ink turned that particular shade and he said, “We find that the color that your tattoo turns after laser tattoo removal has a lot to do with the composition of the ink. You may want to ask your bro what brand of ink your tattoo is. A lot of times your tattoo will turn blue or green, sometimes brown.” Pretty interesting, right? Since my brother tattooed me I consulted with him about the brand of ink he used, as suggested by Phil. He explained it was Talens Outlining Ink used on those particular tattoos.

Isn’t it great that after one session with PicoSure my tattoo is visibly lighter, AND part of my diamond tattoo is completely removed?! What’s more is I hated the blowout on my middle finger and now it is gone! I am so stoked with my progress that I cannot wait for my next appointment. It is really amazing what PicoSure can do! I want to thank everyone at Tataway for being so amazing and helpful. They have really taken care of me. Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I received a text message from Tataway asking about my first session and the condition of my fingers. I was given more advice on how to care for them, and was told I could contact them at any time with questions or concerns. Tataway has an amazing team of experts! Now take a look at my progress below, and feel free to ask any questions you might have. I’ll be sure to pass along any questions I cannot answer to Tataway.

Photo Aug 09, 11 38 11 AM

Photo Aug 09, 11 38 14 AM

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