LeCityKitty in Target + TOMS Together Sweater

Target + TOMS Together Sweater

LeCityKitty in Target + TOMS Together Sweater

I bet you are wondering why I look like Bette and Dot Tattler of American Horror Story. Well, I received a large, festive, multi-headed sweater called the ‘Together Sweater’ to help Target and TOMS celebrate the season of togetherness. TOMS has created a collection for Target that helps shoppers give to people in need across the country. Every TOMS for Target item purchased is matched one-for-one with a donation of blankets, shoes or meals. By coming together, we are helping give more than ever. The ‘Together Sweater’ is a way to show support of coming together for something greater. Join me in the joy of sharing the love (and creepiness) by shopping the #TOMSforTarget line, here.


  1. Put on skates (probably pads, too) and make your way around the rink together.
  2. Decorate a gingerbread man as fast as you can together.
  3. Split a pair of gloves and build a snowman together.
  4. Stuff a Christmas turkey together.
  5. Have a short-range snowball fight together.
  6. Take a double selfie for your holiday card together.
  7. Put tinsel around a Christmas tree together.
  8. Wrap a stack of presents together.
  9. Go around the neighborhood signing carols together.
  10. Make and drink some eggnog together.
  11. Go sledding downhill together.
  12. Snuggle on the couch and watch a holiday movie together.

Target Denim

Toms For Target: One-for-One. For All. Starting November 16th, for every Target+Toms limited edition gift you buy, we’re (Target) giving shoes, a blanket or meals to those in need. #TomsForTarget