Stack ‘Em High

Stack 'Em High #lecitykitty

I am finally fully embracing stacked style. I hadn’t tried it in the past because my fingers are tattooed and I rather not cover the artwork, but after being gifted a gorgeous nail ring from Diaboli Kill that was made in collaboration with New York nail artist Christina Rinaldi I felt I was subsequently following the trend. The rose gold ring is worn as a sort of midi ring, but sits above your distal interphalangeal joint. I wear it when I have got a good look going, it’s definitely my fancy ring. As much as I do adore it I am totally in need of some basic bands to rock per diem. With my eye for great style, I have found my favorites. Loving the stacked style? Shop the look below.



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  • I am obsessed with stacking everything, but rings hold a special place in my heart. Love the triangular one, it’s perfect for mixing things up! x