Target Denim with Zanna Roberts Rassi

Reflecting on the Perfect Fit

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Target Denim with Zanna Roberts Rassi

If you follow me on social media, and I hope you do, then you have some insight on my recent collaboration with Target Style. Target and I are working together to find the perfect fitting denim for every body type. In this denim series, I teamed up with stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi to overcome body barriers when it comes to the woes of shopping for jeans. We are really excited to help my readers (you gals) and Target fans, discover the perfect fit!

Target Denim Loves Every Body

Target’s new and improved denim is made to fit you, no matter who you are, how you feel, what you do or where you go. Just like there are no two women alike, at Target, there are no two jeans alike. Target understands that denim is hard to wear and buy, which is why their expert design team completely changed their jeans from the hem up. Now, if you’ve met me in person, you know that I am pretty tiny. At a petite 5’1″, it isn’t easy to find a pair of jeans that covers all my body bases.

Fast forward to yesterday, weeks after shooting with Target, I’m in a boutique shop in SoHo looking for a pair of jeans for a night out. Typically I search for cropped jeans since I’m short and it’s easier to wear without having to alter them. As usual, I left empty-handed, only wishing I had a Target in my vicinity to shop from. Discovering the perfect fit with Target made me realize most denim companies aren’t focused on you the way they should be.

The struggle to select jeans is real. Most women need help finding the right style and wash, acknowledging jeans can fit any kind of attitude, occasion, or lifestyle. Also, when it comes to denim, body barriers hold most women back from finding the right jeans. Did you know that 1 in 5 consumers “don’t know” what weight or wash of jeans they prefer? And with 40% of women feeling sexy in jeans, there are 51% of women who wear jeans when they are sad or depressed. Like I said, the struggle is real!

The right fitting denim can make me feel sexy, too. With Zanna’s helpful tricks I was able to address some challenges around finding the perfect fit. I also discovered what I love to accentuate most when dressing-up denim. For me, it’s baring ankles. Something about a sleek fitting pair of jeans, cropped to the right proportion, makes me feel chic and confident. Zanna also made a few styling suggestions that amplified my look, tenfold.

Now, I encourage you to experiment with outfitting your perfect denim to celebrate your bodies this fall. Feel free to share images of your perfect fit with me. Shop from my favorite styles, below.

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