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June & July Beauty Favorites

June and July Beauty Favorites

Better late then never, huh? I’ve been so busy working on other projects, I forgot to post my June beauty favorites. Thankfully, I caught up in time for July, so I have collaborated the two months into one laundry list of lust-worthy products. I am so lucky to (almost) never have to purchase my own beauty items. Typically, brands I love, send me great stuff to try. Throughout all …

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Outfitting with Target Denim

Target Denim Fit for Everybody

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Finally, I can reveal to you, my perfect fit! I divulged all the details in my previous Target Denim post about how Zanna Roberts Rassi changed the denim game for me. We conquered my shopping woes, diminished body barriers, and we got really creative outfitting my new jeans. Unlike my typical …

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Reflecting on the Perfect Fit

Target Denim with Zanna Roberts Rassi

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If you follow me on social media, and I hope you do, then you have some insight on my recent collaboration with Target Style. Target and I are working together to find the perfect fitting denim for every body type. In this denim series, I teamed up …