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Welcome to Brooklyn

Well, it’s actually ‘Welcome back to Brooklyn’ for me. I’d been planning to move for a long time now, after a temporary-turned-permanent stay in my native borough, the Bronx. I was born there, but I never ever liked it (apologies if I’m offending anyone). In previous stories, you’ll discover that I went to high school in the L.E.S., and wanted out the B.X. pretty quickly. Many of my friends knew that I was a gypsy for years. I longed to plant my feet, finally, but it almost seemed impossible. Last week, I finally took the plunge and moved in with one of my best friends, better known as ‘Cosmic Christine‘. I may have traveled far to get from one place to the next, but I have also traveled a great deal in my life,…

Welcome to Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

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In My Feelings

I have been known to take a few cues from music, soaking up inspiration wherever I can get it. And even though I shot these images weeks ago, I was struggling with digging up something to write about. It has been two weeks since I created content here, and that’s because I haven’t managed my time carefully. I am making a big move this week, creating a new business, and I started dating again after being on hiatus for ten months. This weekend I managed to carve space to be with myself. I also downloaded tunes from the moody muse, Lana Day Rey. The lyrics to the track below are not exactly what I am going through (no, I did not fall for another loser), but “I’m feeling all my fucking feelings,” is pretty on…

In My Feelings #LeCityKitty
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Celebrating 50k

As I celebrate the milestone of gaining an Instagram audience of fifty thousand, I humbly thank you. There has been so much growth in my personal life that it has poured over into my business. I have been able to reach many with my fashion sense and beauty reviews, but now I’ve extended myself to another group entirely. This month brought about a larger following, but also, I accomplished having nine months sober. This blessing encouraged me to share about my sobriety on Instagram Stories, opening myself up even more to you. I do plan on sharing my story, for those who’ve asked. In the meantime, I thank you once again, for joining me on this journey. I truly appreciate all of you!   Dress: French Connection / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Necklace: Winden Jewelry…

Celebrating 50k #LeCityKitty
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Power Player

With my power player handy, and by power player I mean the dynamic duo that is my ZAGG wireless keyboard and detachable iPad case, I shall takeover the world. I was actually writing this blog post while Xin snapped me slurping down a milkshake bigger than my head. I like to prep everything in advance, as to not overwhelm myself (and my new intern), so toting portable gadgets like these are game changers. I don’t know what’s more taxing on my shoulders: multiple swag bags from events or carrying around an enormous laptop? I have recently wised up! Now that I’ve been upgraded, there’s no way I’ll go back to heavy laptop bags. Oh, did I mention my keyboard kickstand is customized? ZAGG was kind enough to engrave my logo on it. How cool…

Power Player #LeCityKitty
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Glow All Out

I know this sounds corny, but I have confidently adopted Audrey Hepburn’s quote, “Happiest girls are the prettiest.” I had to take a step back, the other day, when I realized my wardrobe was reflecting my new ‘tude on life. From light-pink shoes to pale-yellow tops, pastel colors have become a new staple this summer. It has now been 9 months since I decided to quite drinking, and ever since, I have been a radiant beam of light. Can you tell? It feels good to shine from the inside out. While my personal journey continues, I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for me. Shop The Look

Glow All Out #LeCityKitty