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Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2013

It brings me pleasure knowing my morning up-do is actually a popular look, according to Haider Ackermann. If only I were platinum blonde with exposed roots then I would really be on to something. Ackermann’s army of pale-faced models with post apocalyptic hair, surely stomped hard in resurrection of the cold, walked out onto a runway of a supposed icy fog. Ackermann’s heroines kept warm in military-inspired suits under fur-lined floor-length coats. Between the multitude of layers and draping oversized style, I would say Ackermann’s lady was bound to find solace. His perfect shoulders and wide necklines from slumping jackets and tailored blazers were Ackermann’s best components. Other Fall/Winter 2013 collections did not move me as much. This is what I want to wear now.

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Tamy Glauser for Commons & Sense

It was the roughness that excited and lured me into writing about Commons & Sense latest editorial. Tamy Glauser’s shaved head and smoking cigarette speaks to my sometimes “I don’t give a fuck!” attitude. I have seen these clothes before gracing the pages of so many magazines, but photographer Paul Schmidt and stylist Shino Itoi somehow tell a different story with them. Glauser’s tattoo of a woman’s nude form, joined by a large flocking parrot does something to me. Maybe she’s free and that is the story, but the mystery and the allure of wondering is what strikes me most.

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The Knife – A Tooth For An Eye

Music is a movement. It will drag you in by your ears, pulling you in from the sound. It will draw your heart in with poetry in the form of lyrics. The voices will drive your body to sway, exciting you to dance along in rhythmic motion. Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together. Melting my eyes into my soul, into my ribs, melting my heart pushed down through my spine. Watching The Knife’s latest video for “A Tooth For An Eye” drew me in through that little girl’s mouth. The dancers, just ordinary people, all synchronized in step. Music is another form of magic. For whatever else could make you feel this way without physically touching you? ‘A Tooth For An Eye‘ deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership. Who are…

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Kati Nescher for AnOther Magazine Spring 2013

Blank stares and messy hair from a well dressed Kati Nescher. Modeling AnOther Magazine’s Spring 2013 issue, Nescher poses in minimal clothing styled by Mattias Karlsson. The editorial features Nescher in graphic monochromatic ensembles with the exception of a brown leather apron. Nescher’s intended bed head, tousled by Esther Langham with light makeup by Hannah Murray, keeping the look effortless and clean. Photographer Daniel Jackson captured AnOther Magazine’s ‘Ceiling Unlimited’ in what appears to be an intimate living space with very limited ceiling room, in fact, for the tall Nescher.

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Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2013

Blessed be the unwavering talents of Rick Owens, father to many who look on for inspiration. Owens‘ latest Fall/Winter 2013 collection was inspired by the architectural shape upon which monuments or structures rest. Lengths and layers mimic the plinth shape, and with the belief that plinths exists to negotiate between a structure and the ground, it is quite clear the message Owens was delivering. Tall black boots with white laces meet Owens‘ layers. Kimonos and tunics with thick stitching resembled Shibari, the ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. There is always a form of exploration within Owens‘ collections, with this as no exception.