Oxblood Booties for Fall #LeCityKitty

Oxblood Booties for Fall


The verdict is still out on what’s more exciting about fall; shopping for new shoes, or getting to dress ’em up. Regardless of the two, I know I can rely on Zappos.com to find the perfect pair. This season, I was on the hunt for oxblood footwear, and saw booties from Dolce Vita that caught my eye. With the brand’s rad designs and effortlessly cool style, it was pretty easy to select ‘Casee‘, Dolce Vita’s suede pull-on booties with tie closure.

Oxblood Booties for Fall #LeCityKitty

They’re my go-to shoe for daily attire, since I can just slide them right on, and they feel like heaven to wear. Now’s the time to start racking up on all things fall, and I suggest you start from the bottom up. Head to Zappos.com to find everything you need to upgrade you autumn wardrobe! Oh and, Zappos.com also offers fast, free shipping, and a 365-day return policy, so hurry and start shopping!

[pipdig_left] Oxblood Booties for Fall #LeCityKitty
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Oxblood Booties for Fall #LeCityKitty

Shirt: Adam Lippes / Jumpsuit: Zara / Booties: Dolce Vita / Scarf: Vintage / Coat: Gucci