Ombre is So Over!


Last week I sang, “Bye Bye Bye” to a hair trend that needed to die. I finally killed my two-tone style because ombre is so over! It can be beautiful, when done right, but nevertheless it’s tired. In the past I have flirted with countless colors, but one shade remains true. I went back to my natural hair color (or the closest I could possibly get without looking mousey) with my girl Mary Ducey, lead colorist at Paul Fox Salon. Mary was recently noted by Refinery29 as one of the ‘18 NYC Colorists Who Will Change Your Hair FOREVER‘. On Monday, I trucked my ass down to SoHo in this winter’s most disrespectful weather (peep the annoyed face above) to get beautified.



Once I arrived at the salon I took a few selfies before my blonde bits were completely gone. The space is fairly new and still undergoing remodeling, but its lofty feel and super chill vibe was exactly what I needed to escape the frigid cold. Mary greeted me warmly as soon as I got in, she took my coat and offered me a glass of hot lemon water. I’d been nursing a brutal cold for a few days, so this was much-needed. (Thanks again, Mary!)



I cannot tell you how excited I was to transform into a yummy milky brown. It was really amazing watching my hair darken with the demi-permanent glaze Mary applied. A color glaze or color gloss is a deposit-only, ammonia-free treatment that lasts from two to six weeks (depending upon application and the condition of your hair) and boosts color with long-lasting shine. Think of it like putting a top coat of polish on your hair.



Mary added a second application of glaze for a deeper shade of chocolate before she washed and blow-dried my hair. During that time, my continuous coughing got increasingly worse, so Cheryl (previously the Master stylist at Arrojo) made me a delicious and potent hot toddy. Needless to say, I was very much taken care of by the ladies at Paul Fox Salon. As I sipped my hot whiskey drink, Mary finessed my hair into silky-smooth tousled waves. I squealed with delight as the final reveal was a luscious brown that warmed my face.



Are you as in love with my new look as I am? I was, and still am, feeling myself again because of Mary’s incredible talent. I put myself in her capable hands for a result of, dare I say, better than Beyoncé hair. It has almost been a week now and my locks are lush and shiny. Applying a glaze to my hair was the best decision made for me in a long time. What’s more is the entire process only cost me $60! Take my word for it, Paul Fox Salon is the bomb dot-com.