Oh My Goth! – Beauty Edition

Black Lipstick
You’ve seen it, but you have been too hesitant to try the daunting shade of black lipstick. We have dually made notice, you may remember our Creative Director’s article, Black Friday – The Goth Glam Edition. Well, I am ready to crossover to the goth side, but I intend on executing this look in a softer, more wearable way. Sure, we all admire elements of the obscure style, but what about us au naturale babes who want to experiment with this trend without looking totally gothic? Tending to this dilemma, I came up with a few tips for creating a beautiful gothesque look. Think, The Witches of Eastwick not Nancy Downs of The Craft.



The idea is to keep your complexion at a neutral tone. If bronzer is part of your beauty regimen, I suggest using it solely for contouring with this trend. Try using a powder to embrace your fair winter skin. Blush should also be applied with care. For the same obvious reasons, you do not want your face covered in distracting colors.



I love to darken my brows as much as the next gal, but we should keep our eyebrows as natural as possible. Filling them in too dark might be a little much with inky lips. To maintain lighter brows I like to tame them with a brow brush and contour them as needed to enhance my naturally full eyebrows.



Black is a very heavy shade, keeping that in mind, your eye makeup should be light. Even a simple cat-eye or translucent shadow with minimal mascara is suffice. In this case, less is more. Allowing your lips to have all the attention is definitely the idea! Lastly, don’t let your lipstick take total control… show them puckers whose boss and be sure not to get any on your teeth.



Finally, choose your favorite brand of lipstick. There are plenty of options, mostly from designer labels, that vary in pigment and type. With a range of lip tars, matte shades, and satin finishes, I had my work cut out for me. I have sourced for countless hours at beauty counters, finally landing on these gothic shades above.


Contributing Beauty Blogger, Aurielle