Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal Review


Nothing is forever, not even your tattoos. Well, at least they don’t have to be. On September 1, 2010, I made the horrid mistake of having “Fashion” tattooed on my middle finger. A year prior to that I tattooed a diamond on my left ring finger. Two tattoos I had to live with, regardless of my poor choices. I didn’t always hate them though, it wasn’t until 2013 when negative feelings arose for my “Fuck Fashion” finger. Around the tattoo, covering the length of my third digit, was a blowout. That’s when a tattoo’s ink spreads from where it is placed into surrounding tissue though the skin’s network of capillaries. Trust me, it sucked. Having a Smurf finger was not cool. I received lots of attention for the tattoo, however, only making me feel more self-conscious about it. I always had the option of laser removal, but with the extreme costs and unreliable sources, I just gave up.

Fuck my “Fuck Fashion” tattoo! Every time someone complimented me on it or told me they thought the blowout “looked cool,” I wanted to rage, but instead I served up my hatred for it. Thankfully, two weeks ago my brother tagged me on an Instagram image from Tataway that gave me a world of hope. The photo was captioned, “Ink blowouts do happen this is the result AFTER ONE PICO TREATMENT!” I was stoked. You mean you CAN remove blowouts? What?! I looked into Tataway’s Pico Treatment or PicoSure, which is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser. PicoSure offers greater results for erasing unwanted ink, with fewer treatments and faster recovery time. It even successfully removes tough ink colors, including previously treated tattoos. What’s more is there are only 40 machines in the world and Tataway owns a pair. Having been more than ready, I scheduled an appointment with the PicoSure pros.

Here’s what happened… I arrived at Tataway’s Flatiron location and met with Phil Marandola, co-founder of Tataway. His mom, founder Carmen VanderHeiden was there, too. The blonde babe handed me paperwork to sign as I sat in their beautiful office. Each room was clean and tastefully decorated with Laura Bochet paintings. I met with Marta who briefed me on pricing, what to expect, and snapped a photo of my two regrets. Phil came back in and we chatted about my expectations and he explained how the machines worked. As soon as I knew it I was sitting in a huge white leather chair, with goggles on, icing my fingers for preparation. It was about to go down! Marta explained how it would feel as Phil recorded the session on my iPhone. It was weird. Extreme heat under extreme cold. And I won’t lie, it did hurt, but only a bit more than the actual finger tattoos itself. A few zaps from the PicoSure and I was done! Marta wrapped my fingers in breathable gauze and handed me a care kit to take home.

When I got home and unraveled my swollen digits I was surprised with the results. After just one treatment my tattoos were a shade lighter with a small piece totally removed from the diamond on my ring finger. It’s day two and both fingers are still wrapped. I clean the wounds once a day and cover them with gauze as instructed. Tataway comes highly recommended from others with me on their bandwagon now. Watch the video below to see the process and stay tuned for more about the laser tattoo removal professionals.

  • Alex

    Where is this place located? I’ve been looking for a good place to remove tattoos for good prices!

    • Hi Alex, Tataway is conveniently located in the Flatiron District of New York. There is also another location in Boston: http://tataway.net/pages/ny-location

      • Kathy

        Thanks for the great article. Can you share how they do pricing? Is it per tattoo size?

        • I am not sure how pricing works, but I am sure they’d give you a good price if you say I recommended you. Sorry for the delayed response. xx

  • Kimlopez

    Hey are you still going there? Any updates?

  • I have heard about Laser tattoo removal process. It’s totally pain free process and you don’t need to worry too much after its implementation. One of my friends has taken the treatment and it’s normal and pain free.

    • I have yet to experience a “pain free” process. Thank you for sharing, though.