Nail Trend: Madeline Poole Nails


I have a nail appointment with the winner of my contest Are You a Valley Girl? on Wednesday. The contest was held back in May but it wasn’t until now that we have conveniently correlated on our special girls day. I was online perusing the latest nail trends, when I remembered a conversation I had with photographer Mike Garten, at a shoot we were working on. We were talking about his friend Madeline Poole who is an amazing nail artist. She has been incredibly popular amongst the cool kids in Los Angeles, and headlining editorials left and right.

Madeline offers tutorials on her website along with dozens upon dozens of images of her work. After hours of searching through all of Madeline’s impressive designs, I found a few that I absolutely loved! It wasn’t easy though, Madeline is no joke. She’s the real deal when it comes to crafting stunning nail art. Below are my favorite picks but be sure to check out Madeline’s website, and if you’re (ever) in L.A. you’d better schedule an appointment to see her.

Check out Madeline Poole Nails here!

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