Migs on Menswear #LeCityKitty #Migs44

Migs on Menswear

First and foremost, I would like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for allowing me to contribute to her amazing blog, not only because of the great deal of time and energy she devotes to it—but because it is a fashion blog and frankly, I am not well-known for my fashion sense. I literally wear dark denim and basic t-shirts on a regular basis, but when fall and winter come ’round, it allows me to add a bit of style to my sometimes-monotonous wardrobe. This reason alone is why I own almost two-dozen jackets.

I believe a man’s jacket is like a woman’s mini skirt: It adds a level sex appeal and confidence. If appearances are pivotal to first impressions, then a man’s jacket should fucking wink at you. I am not suggesting anything perverted, but a proper wink that implies, “I got this.” Really, there are various approaches to conquering jacket weather. You could invest in a dope, expensive jacket for everyday wear or alternate daily from different jackets for the month… or season. I choose the latter.

In the end, as many jackets as I own, I do have my favorites. There’s a G-Star handcrafted denim jacket I purchased in 2006 that I’ve never washed (don’t judge, it adds character), a 10Deep varsity from 2011—it’s olive with black leather sleeves and I have to say it is one of the warmest jackets I own. Lastly, there’s a herringbone Zara overcoat that I purchased off-season for half the price. Jackets like these, plus a few essentials i.e. quilted gilet, leather perfecto, and hooded sweatshirts get me through the season. Below are my recommendations:


Contributed by Miguel Aviles