Microtrend: Hair Chalk

In an attempt to achieve lavender locks, I lightened the ends of my hair in an ombré style. When I got back to New York from my Los Angeles trip, the ends of my hair were brittle and frail. I made the decision to go back to a neutral tone to save my lackluster tresses, when Christina our Creative Director, turned me on to a fantastic substitute. As a brunette the thought of using harsh chemicals to have pastel hair (which was only going to be temporary) was daunting. So what was Christina’s remedy? HAIR CHALK! We checked out a few examples after she stumbled upon Korean women’s apparel website Style Nanda. The featured models wearing this trend all relatively had dark hair, but the colored chalk showed up flawlessly.



Place a towel around your shoulders to protect clothing. Using plastic gloves, apply desired color onto hair with gentle pressure. You have the option of applying dry chalk to damp hair or damp chalk to dry hair, both will get the job done. Set with your favorite hairspray and you are done! For longer lasting colors, straighten or curl your hair using heat.


Here are some hair chalk products I am looking to try. Be sure to follow the directions provided for vibrant hair. Removing the color is just as easy as applying the chalky do. Just wash your hair with shampoo and the colors will fade away.

Hair Chalk

Nordstrom Hair Chalk Set and Kisspat Hair Chalk at Free People


Contributing Beauty Blogger, Aurielle