Mi Casa Claridge's Es Su Casa

Mi Casa Claridge’s Es Su Casa

Mi Casa Claridge's Es Su Casa

Welcome to Casa Claridge’s at Faena: a Spanish-style boutique hotel with a private beach club, and THE STAYCATIONERS premier stop in Miami. That’s right, I have teamed up with Taste the Style once again on another fabulous hotel getaway. Excited? You should be! But to begin our staycay story, I must first introduce you to our amazing photographer Yesi Flores. Capturing everything from our crew pliéing under the sun during an Xtend Barre class, to evenings filled with hairspray and booze.

Cue “Jump Around” by House Of Pain, because that is pretty much all we did on the hot, hot pavement. Besides getting our form just right, we had some really chill hangs on Celine and my semi-private patio via our King Studio. Sporting the cheekiest of ensembles by Peony (Andrea wore DYI), we essentially squatted and pivoted ourselves into serious hunger. With Bumble and bumble on our team, we prepped with Surf stuff for lunch at Stephen Starr’s Le Zoo at Bal Harbour.

Mi Casa Claridge's Es Su Casa #LeCityKitty

Did I mention we got major swag from RAC? Because we did. Michelle Chwoschtschinsky of Something Hippie joined us along with Xtend Barre founder Andrea Rogers, for lunch and liqs (like liquor, but cooler). Layered in Iorane, Style Mafia and more, we Uber’d to our food.

Le Zoo is currently my favorite restaurant in Miami. The ambiance, staff, and food were exceptional, not to mention the Romarin drink I had with Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germain, Rosemary, and Pear. It was to die for! And so yummy in fact, that I accidentally ate the garnish. Yes, I totally ate an orange peel.


We filled our bellies with all that our hearts desired, including Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée and Milk Chocolate Pot Au Crème (Andrea and I got super fancy). Finally, we cooed over our waiters then cleared out. Another Uber later and we were back at Casa Claridge’s. Andrea took off, but Michelle planned on meeting us later for a Copacabana surprise.

We got back, we mixed booze, we conquered. Celine and I were up since the crack of dawn (Damian: Say crack again. Janis: Crack.) so we needed a swig of Absolut Elyx for the next stint. After a few sips of whatever concoction my French boo made whilst getting our hair dolled by 1821 Salon, I was crowned Pineapple Queen, then we rallied for dinner.

Mi Casa Claridge's Es Su Casa #LeCityKitty

Mi Casa Claridge's Es Su Casa #LeCityKitty

Introducing: Christina Zayas, Queen of the Pineapples!


Side note: I have never seen a Copacabana show in my life. So, when we arrived at El Tucán, I was delighted to tears (I only cried on the inside). Celine and I met with Jana Carrero of OJ and Cigs to eat Latin-inspired noms and salsa the night away. Michelle quickly joined and we were whole again.


The night ended with a bang. Literally! Patrick & The Swayzees banged on the floor, drums, furniture, and then serenaded Celine during a rendition of Elvis (which I have on my phone, if you ever want to see). ‘Twas a night for the books. I also bought a silly photo of us a local photographer took, to remember forever and ever.


One hotel down, two more to go. Stay tuned for part deux of our Miami Staycation. Also, Celine is still gloating from all of the serenading.

Photography by Yesi Flores