Leather Weather

Horace Biker Jacket

Who am I kidding? It is not leather weather in New York these days. Winter is in full effect and taking no prisoners. But what do I care? After all, I am the layering maven with a few tricks up my sleeves. Last winter’s style was carried over and recycled this winter. I am plenty warm in my leather jacket layered under my oversized wool coat. It’s a really good look I came up with after desperately trying to wear a new Zara coat I found on sale. I was on my way out the door and stalling as per usual, trying to figure out how to keep warm under this one button coat. The style is similar to a “boyfriend” blazer. After about 20 minutes later, this little genius decided to keep her leather moto and just toss on the Zara coat, open and only on the shoulders. This quickly became my favorite look, but unfortunately I have done it to death. I need some new pieces if I want to carry it on. I am now in the market for a new leather biker jacket, and possibly and new wool coat. I haven’t decided if I want to part with my Zara piece just yet.

Yesterday, while conversing with a friend, she mentioned “AllSaints has a crazy sale too.” We were discussing her recent purchases of insanely marked down Margiela garments. Unfortunately none of the leather jackets I liked were on sale, of course. But I love them nonetheless. Here are few I have decided on.


These oxblood and petrol biker jackets are gorgeous. AllSaints’ Oxblood Biker Jacket is really awesome but a little more than I want to spend at $658, but the Chase Biker Jacket in petrol is extremely close to what I am looking for. My original moto is black but I am in search of something in the navy family. Priced at $550 it’s looking like a winner!


JACKPOT! I can always rely on Oak to give me what I need. Their current sale has this Biker Jacket by Horace down to the beautiful price of $287! I think you know what is going to happen now. I am going to make a mad dash to one of their stores before this baby sells out. Also, it’s grey.

Mellany Sanchez

Meet the real Leather Weather Mellany Sanchez, who incidentally works for Oak. I know, you have a major girl crush, too!