Kate King on Feminism and Fashion

Portraits by Bruno Brazao - WhosThatBoy.ME - Kate King

You have undoubtably seen her gracing the magazine covers of ELLE Canada and Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, including her recent feature in the H&M fall 2014 lookbook, Canadian supermodel Kate King has been everywhere. From Prada runway shows to becoming the face of Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana, Kate is taking the fashion world by storm. She embodies strength and elegance, which is exactly what it takes to be a Dolce woman. Scroll below to read how Kate stays chic in the winter, plus her opinion on feminism in the fashion industry.


Giulia: Tell us about being on the set of the Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Describe the energy of working with such a household name.
Kate: It’s an amazing experience. I really respect the designers and love the work they do. It’s so great and quite rare to see people who are so passionate and involved in the creative process after so much time and through so much success. Domenico and Stefano light up when working together to capture the right picture and the love they have for Italy shines through in all their work. That is something I find remarkably touching, how very loyal they are to their home. The energy is palpable and I find it so easy to take on the character of the Dolce woman because I am so inspired by the energy and passion that is always in abundance on a Dolce & Gabbana set.

Giulia: What was your favorite part of the Dolce & Gabbana winter 2015 show?
Kate: I absolutely loved the finale and how the girls looked like a sexy chic army.


Giulia: During the chaos of fashion week, what keeps you calm and balanced?
Kate: Humor and a glass of wine.

Giulia: Do you have any essential pre-show routines?
Kate: I am always trying to take care of my skin the best I can. During shows, I step it up a little more making sure I am cleansing my skin to get rid of any traces of dirt because breakouts during shows are even harder to deal with.

Giulia: Do you ever take on a personality change when you walk out onto the runway during a show?
Kate: Absolutely. I love exploring all the different sides to me.

Giulia: You look radiant on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore December 2014 issue. What was it like behind the scenes? What is unique to Singapore’s couture collections?
Kate: It was amazing. The stylist, who is the new editor in chief at Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, Kenneth Goh, is absolutely amazing. He has such a huge personality so he made the process really fun. Aitken Jolly is also such a talented photographer and a super cool guy. It was so fun to get to wear these beautiful and intricate designs. You really get to feel the workmanship that goes into making these clothes. It was actually couture from the Paris collections. Every designer has its own trademarks and specialties that make every piece unique and beautiful.


Giulia: Tell us one of your guilty pleasures.
Kate: Junk food. But I call it soul food, and everything in moderation, including moderation itself!

Giulia: Karl Lagerfeld’s recent faux-feminist protest during the spring 2015 Chanel show raised a few eyebrows. Do you self-identify as a feminist? Do fashion and feminism conflict?
Kate: I think in order to define yourself as a feminist you first have to define that word and what exactly it means to you. I think sometimes there are negative and incorrect ideas about what feminism is. Although there are extreme ends in every movement, the idea that feminists are man hating females set out for world domination isn’t true for the vast majority of us who simply want to be part of a movement that ends sexism, sexual exploitation and oppression. So yes I do identify as a feminist. Loud and proud. I think fashion can be used as a positive platform to uplift women and also spread awareness, that’s the kind of fashion I want to be involved with.


Giulia: What is it like working with leading fashion photographers, Mikael Jansson and Boo George?
Kate: It is amazing working with artists that have such clear vision and know exactly what they want. Knowing that you’re in good hands and that the pictures will turn out amazing also make the process really great.

Giulia: What is your one fashion splurge?
Kate: I spurge on accessories. I love an outfit that doesn’t take much effort. I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but I like to dress up and personalize my outfits using beautiful bags, shoes, and coats/jackets. Right now, I’m obsessed with my light blue Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily bag.

Giulia: When you step out the door, what’s the one thing that gives you the confidence you need to take on a stressful day?
Kate: Humor.

Giulia: How do you stay chic in the winter months?
Kate: I invest in a good coat. I have a black and camel one that were both big splurges but I absolutely adore them. I also really love plaid scarves at the moment.


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