HUM Nutrition – Vegan + Gluten Free Vitamins & Supplements


Never have I ever enjoyed taking vitamins — let alone, remembered to take them. For the first time in my life I have found vitamins and supplements that work for me, so well in fact, that I am always eager to get my daily dose of them. The truth is, I don’t always eat right or make healthy food choices (when I am hungover) but I quickly realized that getting my required vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids from supplements was more practical for me. Introducing, HUM Nutrition. HUM is an entirely new concept that brings personalized nutrition right to your door. I discovered HUM via Instagram and headed to their website right away. To get started I took a quick online survey that was then evaluated by HUM’s Registered Dietitians.

Based on my diet, lifestyle, stress, and health goals I received an email with recommendations from my personal Registered Dietitian of what she felt would most benefit me. A few days later a package from HUM Nutrition arrived. I was given Red Carpet for glowing skin and shiny hair, Daily Cleanse for help with clear skin and removing body toxins, and Skinny Bird, HUM’s weight-loss program. I consumed the 3 bottles throughout the course of 30 days. I feel thinner, my skin looks amazing, and my hair is flawless! I swear by HUM’s vitamins and supplements. What’s more is the pills are all vegan, gluten-free, contain no GMOs or artificial ingredients, are sustainably sourced, and are fully vegetarian. If you are not taking HUM I suggest you get some now!




Founded by Walter Faulstroh and Christopher Coleridge, HUM’s line of targeted vitamins aim at solving beauty and lifestyle concerns. The cutting-edge formulations were developed by a team of leading scientists and are designed so that each can be combined based on individual needs.

  • Steph

    When taking the skinny bird supplements, did you take 3 a day before one meal, or 3 before EVERY meal?

    • Hey Steph, typically you are supposed to take them with each meal, or space them out between meals.