How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup

How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup #LeCityKitty

‘Tis this season for holiday parties and lots of shimmer, perhaps even a little glitter. Sadly, I fear most of us shy away from the shiny decorative flecks because after the age of six we deemed it “tacky”, but there is a sophisticated way to pull off the glitz without looking cheesy. Featured above are a few babes during the Chanel fall 2013 show in Paris. Makeup artist (and former global creative director of Chanel MakeupPeter Philips’ look of perfectly placed sparkles along the lash line and lashes, created glamourous glittery eyes. This fabulous trend requires patience, eyelash glue, and a lots of gleam.

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How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup #LeCityKitty

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How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup #LeCityKitty


Face First

  1. Get to grooming those brows. I recommend using Anastasia’s Brow Kit for best results.
  2. Prep your face with moisturizer and primer to keep your skin soft and smooth.
  3. Apply foundation to even skin tone for flawless natural coverage. 
  4. Finally, add some color to your cheeks by applying a cream blush for a flush look.

How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup #LeCityKitty

Dazzle ‘Em

  1. Line your lids with eyelash adhesive as you would an eyeliner pencil.
  2. Apply the glitter along the top lash line and to the ends of your lashes with a brush.
  3. Finish by lining your bottom lid with a thin layer of black eyeliner.

Now your Glittery Eyes look is complete, and you can purchase all the products you need below.


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