Hooked on Wanelo http://wanelo.com/lecitykitty/collections

Hooked on Wanelo

Hooked on Wanelo http://wanelo.com/lecitykitty/collections

Yesterday afternoon I was introduced to Wanelo (“Wah-Nee-Lo” – derived from Want, Need, Love) by Elle Comm. I received an email asking to try it out. Wanelo is an online community for all the world’s shopping, bringing together stores, products and people into one place. Today, more than 10 million people use Wanelo to follow their favorite stores, find the best products and organize their shopping. I gave it a go — then about an hour later I realized I was hooked.

If Polyvore and Pinterest had a baby it would be Wanelo. What’s more is Wanelo has its own Gift Registry, which is a perfect way for you to save all the things you want as gifts and invite your friends and family to shop from. Another awesome feature is the option to post stories. Stories are small groups of products or looks that you select and tie together with a description and a link. They’re really simple to create and shareable via most social networks. Take a look at the stories I created below.


I’ve got that summer night, summer night sadness.


That thing where you wake up feeling like Rihanna.


Movie night with your beau means easy on the heels, but not on style.


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