H&M Spring 2013 Lookbook

Apparently H&M has disguised themselves as a chic luxury brand. The Swedish label has done me proud with their greatest collection to date. Modeled by the gorgeous Nadja Bender of New York Models, in looks that present an 80s vibe. There are a few pieces, if not all, that want to be designer. H&M’s embroidered jeans resemble Balmain’s Fall/Winter 2012 beaded pants that Karlie Kloss wore in Paris. There is also something very Isabel Marant Fall 2012 about the western references in some pieces. Needless to say H&M is keeping up with the Joneses. Their Spring 2013 lookbook is most definitely up to par with their higher end friends. I am hoping to get my hands on H&M’s oversized silk blazer. You know how much I love a good drape.

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