Hello, Nostalgia

Hello, Nostalgia #LeCityKitty

The other day, while sitting at brunch with my friend Cristian, I was feeling a bit nostalgic. There is something in the spring air that brings me back to another time. It’s tricky to pinpoint each moment, but I have such sweet memories in Lower Manhattan. I spent so much time in the L.E.S. through high school, and even more time working in the neighborhood. From my favorite date-night spots to cafes and boutiques I visit often, NYC is held very dear to me.

Hello, Nostalgia #LeCityKitty

After brunch we took a stroll through SoHo, as I pointed here and there, reminiscing on college hangouts. I went to The Art Institute in Tribeca, so I would walk to South of Houston everyday. My memories run deep through these streets. I breathe in and remember, Manhattan is also home to my secret corners for kissing, streets I’ve held hands on, and parks I have talked in for hours. I have made best friends here, gotten drunk, gotten sober, and started my business based on my love for New York. As I sipped my coffee that day at brunch, I thought, “Hello, Nostalgia. I’ve missed you.”

Hello, Nostalgia #LeCityKitty



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  • Meghan Adams

    I love this lip color on you, beautiful! what color is it?

  • cpwears

    Reading this made me feel butterflies! Specially the part of kissing corners and holding hands while walking. I love the look btw!