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Helix Sleep #LeCityKitty #sleeplikeyourself

When sweet slumber is the goal, Helix Sleep is your answer. I know this because prior to my post, I had the opportunity to take their mattress for a spin. Helix hosted a breakfast-in-bed event, and I was all too happy to jump in the sack! During this time, I’d been in the process of redecorating my room—this including the purchase of a new mattress, and I ultimately had my mind set on upgrading my beauty sleep. If you’re like me, and know nothing about the life of your mattress, know this: when you sleep better away from home (in a hotel room or elsewhere), it’s time to replace your bed.

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As I mentioned, I am redecorating my room. It currently needs to be painted, and I have a leather headboard to unwrap… I am however, taking full advantage of my dynamic foam mattress. I was able to customize it fully, from sleeping positions to pressure points—it is entirely made for me. I sleep on my stomach and am always cold, I prefer a soft mattress to a firm one, and I hog the sheets. (Maison doesn’t seem to mind, though.) I’ve already had friends over, and they’ve fallen in love with my mattress. I really and truly love my bed, and think you should get yourself a Helix, too. It’s about time you own a mattress tailored to you. Customize your Helix via this link and get $50 off!

Helix Sleep #LeCityKitty #sleeplikeyourself

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Mattress: Helix / Pillowcases: Shhh Silk / Laptop Case: iDOO / Knit Blanket: Artizen Home / iPhone Case: Rebecca Minkoff / Candle: Boy Smells / Drink: Cilk Rose Water

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