Halloween Giveaway with Verameat


Ahh real monsters… and a black cat! Halloween is merely days away, so to kick off the spooky celebration I am giving away a cat-tastic treat, a Verameat Kitty Cat bag. Often used as symbols of bad luck, black cats grace many Halloween decorations. Their bad reputation dates back to the Dark Ages, when witch hunts were commonplace. Elderly, solitary women were often accused of witchcraft, and their pet cats were said to be their “familiars,” or demonic animals that had been given to them by the devil. Freaky stuff!

But nowadays, black cats aren’t synonymous with bad luck and mischief anymore — it’s actually considered good luck for a black cat to cross your path in Ireland, Scotland and England. Here, I give you the chance to win a new good luck charm for All Hallow’s Eve. Enter to win a super luxe, super cute, all leather cat purse… or “curse” if you dare. Just take a look at Isabelle Fuhrmann with her Kitty Cat bag, here if you’re not convinced. The winner will be chosen here on October 30th. Good luck!


To win a Verameat Kitty Cat bag, follow these steps:

1. “Like” – Head over to Le City Kitty’s href=”https://www.facebook.com/lecitykitty” target=”_blank”>Facebook page and like us!
2. Comment – Comment below with your favorite Halloween costume idea!

All steps are required for your chance to win.


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