Golden Locks Like Goldilocks


I finally did it! I was eager for a change and I certainly went for it! A few months ago I pinned an image on Pinterest that felt like the perfect hair color for me. I waited a while to make sure I was absolutely positive and ready for the responsibility of going faux blonde, then made an appointment with Jemma of Arté Salon. Three hours later I was stoked with the results! Jemma gave me golden locks like Goldilocks! The above photo was taken on my way out of Arté. I took the next one poolside at Jimmy at The James, and the last one at home with my boyfriend’s Warby Parker readers. I am totally loving my new look! What do you think about it?



  • It suits you perfectly, you look gorgeous! And you make me wanna go back to being a brunette, love it! x

  • I absolutely adore your nose ring! The color of your hair is so wonderful as well, I love how natural it looks!

  • Franchesca

    your new hair color looks great on you ! you have such pretty skin. Would you mind telling me what foundation or powder you wear?