Friday Forecast: Getting Down to the Thick of Mascara #lecitykitty

Friday Forecast: Getting Down to the Thick of Mascara

Friday Forecast: Getting Down to the Thick of Mascara #lecitykitty

Inner beauty is great and all, but a little mascara never hurts. Mascara is definitely my never leave home without it beauty product because of its ability to make my lashes big, thick, and lush. I will admit, I had a very difficult, often confusing time trying to figure out which mascara to purchase. There are mascaras that do it all from offering thick, defined lashes, while others promote long lashes with lash extension. The pros suggest, if you want a specific effect, look for a specialized type. Because each product can contain only so much effective ingredients, they often sacrifice one benefit for another.

When it comes to mascara, size matters. If the brush is big and bushy, your lashes will reflect that. But keep in mind, a brush with plastic bristles is used for separating lashes, offering superb definition. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Black is definitely a one shade fits all, so even blondes can pull it off, but green, blue and purple are fantastic shades, too. As for adding length, I have never tried a lengthening product since my lashes are already long, but if you attempt to do so, two coats of lengthening mascara will do your short fringe justice.

Lastly, if you don’t want to ruin your beautiful lashes, I suggest you stay away from waterproof formulas. It is really hard to remove and all that rubbing can break your lashes, and we don’t want that. I have tried a number of different mascaras and after much deliberation on the best bang for your buck, I’ve sorted the top products, some from my personal collection. Shop from my recommendations, and if you have a favorite mascara in mind I would love for you to share with me in a comment below.