Friday Forecast: Workspace Style #lecitykitty

Friday Forecast: Workspace Style

Friday Forecast: Workspace Style #lecitykitty

Between working from home and blogging, I am always in my room. I have decided I needed to revamp my workspace to inspire me to be more productive, not that juggling two jobs isn’t. I was perusing my favorite social site Pinterest for creative space ideas and made a list of particular things I was looking for. White walls were crucial. Because white represents perfection, cleanliness, new beginnings, and neutrality, it is most important to get those genius juices flowing.

Another important aspect is imagery. It’s vital for me to connect with other inspiring media such as magazine clippings or paintings perhaps, hanging on the wall. Lighting and a good chair are also key, including message boards and a place to post encouraging notes to yourself. Lastly, and most importantly, a desk big enough for your computer and space to add personal tidbits. I am leaning towards a sleek black desk with clear and steal items like skulls and crystals. I hope these images also help you with your own workspace.








Images via Pinterest

  • Harrie

    When I get a new flat I really want to make a lovely little working space, currently I cramp into the corner on our £90 tiny ikea couch with laptop on my lap, not ideal!! I want all of the above workspaces right now!! Knee cramp!!

    Style Yourself Vintage

    • I know what you mean. Often times I just work from my bed. A great workspace is so important!