Friday Forecast: Vamp Life

Friday Forecast: Vamp Life #lecitykitty

Taking full advantage of this frigid New York weather, and the fact that I am as pale as I’m ever going to be, I have decided to fully embrace the vamp life. The Urban Dictionary defines Vamp Life as “living the party lifestyle, staying inside or sleeping all day, while coming out at night time in full force,” which has nothing to do with my own interpretation. I am concerned with the more literal definition of the word, Vampire. The look and style of an actual vampire, as seen on the big screen, maintains a rather pale complexion, flush red lips, luxe hair and killer style. If I were a vampire, yes I said it, I would be the coolest of them all! I’ve elevated my vamp look with the likes of Saint Laurent, NARS, and of course Rick Owens. If you were a vampire, how would you dress?



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