Friday Forecast: How To Style Bangs

Friday Forecast: How To Style Bangs #lecitykitty

It is routine for me to want to cut bangs as soon as I have some length to play with. I have been trimming my hair since last November with hopes of ridding damaged ends from my failed attempt at going lavender. Finally, my hair has reached my shoulders and I ask myself, “should I get bangs?” I look at women like Caroline de Maigret with her effortless style, or Freja Beha Erichsen and think, “I can totally do that, again.” I am still undecided as I would like to add more length before doing so, but if you are like me and considering bangs I can help you with styling them. If you’re going to do it, ya might as well do it right!

Friday Forecast: How To Style Bangs #lecitykitty


If you choose to style your hair when it’s wet, be sure to add some styling balm or creme beforehand. But, if your are working with thick hair, I suggest you go for some Argan Oil Hair Serum. Grab a flat paddle brush and apply heat from your hair dryer using a back-and-forth motion. Pay close attention to your roots, making sure to smooth out any frizz.

Styling unwashed hair is pretty similar. If your bangs become oily after a few of days, you can simple refreshen them with dry shampoo. Just add a little to your roots and lightly rub it in to give your bangs a boost. However, if you’re dealing with frizzy hair, go ahead and grab your paddle brush and hit the hair dryer again, moving downward for a sleek and shiny finish.



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