Friday Forecast: M’Oticons Are #TheShit!

Friday Forecast: M'Oticons Are #TheShit!

Fuck yes emoji accessories! I am an avid iPhone user and an addict of emoji icons, creating full sentences using these adorable expressions as my dialogue. All my friends know the smiling poop is my favorite icon, so when I stumbled upon Moda Operandi’s super chic emoji loafers I nearly died (skull emoji). M’Oticons: An Edie Parker x Del Toro Collaboration is everything I always wanted but didn’t even know existed. The awesome limited edition collaboration features some of my favorite emojis on luxe suede loafers and acrylic clutches (not pictured) with awesome hashtags. It’s like my text conversation exploded on my shoes! P.S. I just pre-ordered Del Toro’s #Theshit Loafer. Take a look at my most coveted of the collection, and shop the links below.



Shop the full collection here!

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