Friday Forecast: All Gold Everything

Friday Forecast: All Gold Everything #lecitykitty

Gold all on my face, gold all in my ring, gold all on my brows. Don’t believe me, just watch. Yep, I just remixed Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” song for this post. As of late there’s been a gold takeover. I’ve seen a number of gold leaf facials, gold masks, gold brows on the runways, and unexpected gold accessories. The gorgeous metal has never been out of style for me, I love the Midas mode, especially in excess. So, bring on the metallic yellow and put your silver to rest for a while. Gold is having a moment.








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  • mariah serrano

    where is the image from the nail polish from

  • Susie Stillwell

    I ordered the Gwen Stephanie gold polish here, it came in silver though I ordered gold. So I’d the gold light reflection?