Freshman Daze Music Playlist



You know that thing when you hear a song, and the lyrics grab you by the hand for a walk down memory lane? I do. I live my life by music. I have a song for everything and subscribe to the words as if they were my life being played out on a sick beat. My fixation for music began when I was in high school. I was a freshman at my zoned school in The Bronx, Christopher Columbus High School and I hated it. I cut class almost every day for 5 months. I would leave home prior to my mom and her boyfriend and would peek around the bushes waiting for them to clear out. Some days I would invite my best friends over (Kimberly, Veronica, and Vanessa) we’d hang out in my room listening to Wu-Tang ClanThe Notorious B.I.G., and 2pac. Other days I liked to be alone, writing in my room listening to NirvanaMarilyn Manson, and Korn.

As you would suspect, I was finally caught cutting and sentenced to live with my aunt and uncle whom were both teachers. Uncle Derek was an instructor at the high school I was to attend, located in The Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you ask me it wasn’t a bad deal at all. I got to live with my new baby cousin Imani and go to school in the city. I thought it was a really cool punishment. But, the thing about new schools are they’re new, and with that comes new people, new teachers, and mostly new people. Back then I was an introvert and hardly social. I had my music, my journal, and always sat alone. Satellite Academy, the school I went to, was small. It was an alternative high school for kids like me, who skipped class and were harder to reach. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, though.

I was encouraged to explore myself and with that came the fluctuation of my personal style. I went from wearing Jordan’s, Pepe Jeans, Vanson and Avirex leather jackets, to JNCO Jeans, Soap shoes, and silver beaded necklaces. I would mix it up on a day-to-day basis and let music be the soundtrack to my style. Hip-hop days meant I wore the latest styles, as where metal days I explored grunge. It was a fun time of self-study, with the most liberating moments of my life. High school sort of carves you into a real person. It sets you up for college or a job or whatever. For myself, it helped me realize how awesome I was, and opened me up to actually associating with others. I received lots of attention for the way I dressed, but I owe that to the music I listened to. It set my mood and played an enormous part in my life. 

Would you like to hear my high school soundtrack? Check out this Spotify playlist I created for those times I want to reflect on my freshman daze. (Note: This mix is best played on shuffle, here.)


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  • Totally know what you mean RE: song lyrics. I will listen to playlist/song on REPEAT until I literally am so sick of it that I can’t hear it again. Ha! Listening to your playlist now – thanks for the mid-week jams!