Freckles in a Bottle – Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish

Esmaltes Imperfection Illamasqua - Freckle e Scarce_thumb

For as long as I can remember the female species has been coating their nails with light-reflecting varnishes. For the holidays we dusted our fingertips with glitter in a ombré effect. When the seasons were warmer we glazed a kaleidoscope of colors in rainbow sheen. We have even sprinkled a little caviar to create a three-dimensional manicure, including liquid sand for a similar effect. It is evident that we ladies hold a high regard for a good manicure. And while all these glitter effects remain tried and true, there is one product that kicks all their asses!

Illamasqua has created a collection of Speckled Nail Varnishes that resemble Cadbury Mini Eggs. The cult British beauty brand that celebrates expression and idiosyncrasies, developed a line called ‘I’m Perfection’ with a slogan stating, “We Are All Perfectly Imperfect.” The collection features a full line of makeup, including online video tutorials and behind-the-scenes action. The varnishes are like freckles for your nails, or black glitter if you will.


With pastel color options in Freckle (speckled neutral), Fragile (speckled blue), Mottle (speckled green), and Speckle (speckled lilac), Illamasqua nails it with Scarce, their speckled pink. It’s soft and pretty, but edgy because of its various black spots. I don’t often purchase nail polish, but this is definitely one I need. Perhaps I will go for Fragile as well. Which are your favorites?