Fashion Week Survival Guide #LCKDaily #LeCityKitty

Fashion Week Survival Guide

Fashion Week Survival Guide #LCKDaily #LeCityKitty

Many of us seasoned veterans know exactly what goes down during fashion week, and it ain’t all pretty. Sure, your favorite blogger’s Instagram photos show all the excitement and glamour to have you begging for more, but trust me, there’s pain behind those eyes, and it’s probably from those new Gucci sandals she’s wearing. But, if you’re new to the game or just want to pick up a few new tricks, follow my foolproof guide to surviving NYFW.

Fashion Week Checklist

[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”] Get your primp on, pre-fashion week. Traditionally, I do something to spice up my look every NYFW. I get a fresh cut and dye-job, as well as beautifying my paws. Treating myself to some pampering always eases the mayhem fashion week brings. Below I am offering $20 off your next Glamsquad service. Get beautified at home. That’s right, they’ll come to you!

[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”] Stash makeup for quick touchups. Have you been outdoors these days? It’s September, but it feels like July. So, when the sun is beaming, and your makeup isn’t looking fresh anymore, you’ll be trying to find the nearest Sephora for a touchup. Avoid the hassle, and come prepared. Carry a makeup bag with just the essentials. Milk Makeup’s beauty bag has everything you’ll need!

[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”] Hoard snacks like your grandma. Let’s be honest, unless you have an app reminding you it’s time for lunch, you are sure to forget to eat. Running around from presentations, runway shows, to afterparties is a surefire way your liquid diet of coffee, champagne, and Perrier will deplete you. Do yourself (and your starving friends) a favor and stash some KIND bars next to your bandaids.

[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”] Plan out your looks. It’s hard to control how many times you’ll change your mind, but the best you can do is make an effort to select your ensembles pre-fashion week. If you have Stuff N Style App, then you have already put outfits together and are the shit. Digitize your closet by virtually storing your clothes. Think: Cher Horowitz’s Polaroid idea, but on your phone.

[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”] Rally the gang of portable power packs. You know what’s not cool? Having your phone die, mid post. For the past few days, during shows, I’ve carried an external iPhone charger, and a backup for that, in my bag. Because switching from Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook, back to Instagram, takes up serious juice.

[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”] Don’t be a dummy, stock up on bandaids. I cannot stress this enough! On the 2nd day of NYFW, I couldn’t stop complaining about my feet. I finally had to stop for bandages to ease the pain, but the walk to the pharmacy nearly killed me. To avoid looking like an amateur in pumps, I suggest packing some boo-boo savers in your purse.


Fashion Week Survival Guide #LCKDaily #LeCityKitty

I hope this was helpful. In the meantime, have fun this NYFW! And remember, above all, stay hydrated!