Exclusive Alex Agard Mix for LeCityKitty

Exclusive Alex Agard Mix for #LeCityKitty

I have a present for you that you’re going to fucking love. My good friend DJ and Producer, Alex Agard made an exclusive SoundCloud mix for LCK. I am pretty hard to impress, but Agard blew my mind with this one! The exclusive Brickwood Mix Session features tons of genres that all flow flawlessly together. I listened to it in full yesterday afternoon.

After shopping I stopped into Starbucks over by 63rd and Lexington Ave. A few moments in I found myself storming through the streets. I proceeded to speed walk, in my workout gear, to meet my boyfriend on 30th and Broadway. I almost stopped to twerk… no, seriously the mix is that good! Listen to the top-notch session below, and feel free to download it. You’re welcome.

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