Diaboli Kill – The Darker Side of Luxury


New York native Angie Marei shows us the darker side of luxury through her jewelry label Diaboli Kill. Having always been attracted to the dark side as a child, going to the local Botanica to buy things that had magic spells, Diaboli Kill thus possess an underlying theme of dark spiritualism, power and luxury. Also drawing inspiration from her Egyptian father who was engaged by the dark spiritual side of Egyptian history, Angie incorporates elements of ancient Egyptian design into her jewelry as a way of keeping ties to her Egyptian heritage, particularly her debut collection, Lux Ex Tenebris, latin for “Light in Darkness”.

Angie is also an art director and graphic designer with a background in fashion advertising and branding. She designed ads for major brands like Gucci, YSL, John Varvatos and Estee Lauder, which opened her eyes to the world of luxury. She designs her pieces for Diaboli Kill at home, sketching, molding wax, and designing 3D printed models on her computer. Angie’s collection has recently been featured in the September 2013 issue of Grazia Germany. The future goals for Diaboli Kill are success as a small luxury brand with hopes of adorning Rooney Mara in some pieces. Take a look at Angie’s latest collection below.









Images via Angie Marei of Diaboli Kill