Denim Essentials with BLANKNYC


A few years back I purchased my first pair of navy-dyed denim. I fell in love with its unique wash and gunmetal stud detail along the back pockets. What’s more was the pair included zippers on the outer sides of each leg. They were my go-to butt enhancing jeans, and my first pair from [BLANKNYC]. I recently received three more from the New York brand, including distressed boyfriend jeans, super skinny black denim and white spray on jeans that were, in my opinion, essential styles every woman should own. I took the trio for a test drive (I am currently wearing the black pair, and have been all weekend) and fell in love once again with Blank Jeans.

I wore their boyfriend jeans with a white oversized basic t-shirt, tucked in, with black pumps à la James Dean. I wore them a few more times rolled up with trainers and a fitted top. The black denim are my most favorite and easiest to wear with anything. They’re super slim, sexy, and favored with oversized tees. The white will be worn the same way during the summer, perhaps with a backless blouse or loose fitting shirt. I now have four pairs of jeans that make my ass look incredible, not that it needed any help. Thanks so much, [BLANKNYC]!



Featured Image via Semblance

  • I have the boyfriend rolled jeans, they’re great. Although I ordered a size too big I think. Anyway, fantastic price point and quality!

    • I love them but I too got them a size big. Plumbers butt should be a thing. Lol!