Dear Wedge Sneaker, It’s Over!


As we all know Phoebe Philo is, as cited so befittingly by Hamish Bowles in his Vogue March 2013 interview, “the oracle and sphinx of fashion.” Philo, with Céline at her fingertips, sets trends through the French luxury house as well as exudes her own amazing personal style. I am using Philo as an example, because she is after all my style icon, to express my thoughts on the death of the wedge sneaker trend. I purchased the ever-so popular Isabel Marant Tie Dye Denim Wedge Sneakers last summer, they were limited edition so I had to have them. Inevitably, I wore them to death. I have most recently worn them when I wanted to sport my baggy denim jeans or when I was on the run and cared less for proper heels so I settled for wedge sneakers. Unfortunately, I feel this trend is over.

Sneakers are not what they used to be, but then again neither is fashion. As a matter of fact, because the industry is molded by mature strong women like Phoebe Philo, whom maintain a remarkably elevated personal style, today’s youth has begun to embrace that. They see woman like Philo and think, “Wow, she looks so fucking cool, I want to be her!” then attempt to replicate what she has created. If you’re up to speed, you’ve already swapped out your wedge sneakers for a pair of cool trainers, I’ve tossed my Marant’s in their dust bag. Below are images Tommy Ton has captured of low wedges on the high streets of fashion.

Valentino SS13 Men

Valentino Sneakers

Susie Tuileries

Raf Simons Sneakers

Proenza Nike

Celine New Balance



Phoebe Philo by David Sims for Vogue March 2013