Day of the Dead

New York City was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy this week. The remains left most of New York and New Jersey devastatingly demolished. Parts of lower Manhattan are still under water, leaving some families without homes and suffering from a loss of power. What a fucking massacre? Halloween was supposed to be the scariest night of the year. Instead, New Yorkers were jolted in ways we weren’t expecting.

I want Halloween back! I am in the process of downloading The Exorcist and a few other night chillers. I am also listening to a mix that Todd Pendu made for Noisey. The mix is possibly everything I needed to get me back in the ghoulish spirit. Enjoy the enchantingly terrifyingly sounds.

The dead do not need aspirin or sorrow, I suppose. But they might need rain. Not shoes but a place to walk. Not cigarettes, they tell us, but a place to burn. Or we’re told: Space and a place to fly might be the same. The dead don’t need me. Nor do the living. But the dead might need each other. In fact, the dead might need everything we need and we need so much if we only knew what it was. It is probably everything and we will all probably die trying to get it or die because we don’t get it. I hope you will understand when I am dead I got as much as possible.

Everything, by Henry Charles Bukowski