Cyndi Ramirez, DAILĒ

Q&A with Cyndi Ramirez of DAILĒ + Giveaway

Cyndi Ramirez, DAILĒ

Mama Bear of Taste the Style, Cyndi Ramirez, has made her way through the blogosphere, and now waded into new territory: skincare. Cyndi, along with her boyfriend Adam Fulton, are the co-founders of kick-ass moisturizer, DAILĒ. The launch of their youth preserving product came amidst my newfound expertise in beauty. With four cosmetic cases brimming with products, I have tried my fair share of subpar skincare. From pore-clogging creams to lack-luster salves, I finally landed on a moisturizer that improved the clarity and overall appearance of my skin. Cyndi and Adam created DAILĒ with Astragalus Root as its star ingredient, crushing the skincare market as we know it.

Learn more about their secret ingredient and Cyndi’s skincare routine, in our interview below. You can also enter for your chance to win $20 off your first DAILĒ purchase. All you have to do is leave a comment. Say anything! We will be giving away discount codes to the first twenty people who chime in. I truly love DAILĒ so much I want you to experience it, too.

Cyndi Ramirez, DAILĒ

Give us an introduction of who you are and what you do.

Surely! Howdy, I’m Cyndi. I’m an entrepreneur born and raised in New York City and I’m the co-founder of a newly launched skincare brand called DAILĒ, as well as the founder & EIC of lifestyle site,

Tell us about DAILĒ.

DAILĒ DNA Lock Serum + Moisturizer is a youth-retaining, moisturizing face cream that can be used on all skin-types on a daily basis. It’s the first product of a new line, and we’re thrilled to be debuting the brand with a cream we’re head over heels for.

How did you segue from fashion-meets-food blogger to the co-creator of an anti-aging moisturizer?

I’ve always known I wanted to start a beauty brand. As the daughter of an esthetician, I grew up surrounded by skincare. But to be quite honest, I was never really inspired by the industry as much as I would’ve liked, particularly with anti-aging products. There just weren’t many brands that I felt spoke to me as a young consumer even though I knew the anti-aging care should start at a young age. I knew if I ever developed a product, that it had to reflect my personality and it had to be fun-spirited, but most importantly, it had to have the science to back it up.

About a year and a half ago, my boyfriend and I got to talking and discovered that there really weren’t any anti-aging creams marketed to people like us. They say if you find a void in the market, try to fill it immediately. So that’s what we did. We got to work the next day, consulting with estheticians and beauty experts. Through much trial and error, we landed at the concept and set out to perfect the formula. The rest is history.

What separates DAILĒ from other skincare products in its class?

There are other “anti-aging” moisturizers with similar ingredients, but our key differentiator is astragalus root as a youth preserver. For those that don’t know, astragalus root comes from a Chinese herb that was proven to aid in the healthy replication of your cell though reinforcing your DNA strands. More about the science can be found here.

How did you come up with the name, “DAILĒ”? Does it have a special meaning?

Haha. It’s funny you ask. Well, we went back and forth with names for several months. For me, it was always about finding a name that was easy to remember but also added to the brand’s story. We landed at DAILĒ (pronounced daily) because we wanted to emphasize the importance of incorporating these products into your daily routine. It sounds simple really, but I think it makes for fun storytelling.

What are your thoughts on anti-aging skincare? And when is the best time to use it?

My thoughts are that up and until DAILĒ, it was boring… no offense to other brands. We wanted to take the “aging” out of it and have it be more about “prevention.” No cream, no matter what bullshit they try selling you, will fully reverse the aging process. The best thing you can do is take care of your skin while it’s still healthy. So what’s the best time to use it? Now. Everyday.

Let us in to your skincare routine and how its improved with DAILĒ. Go!

Daily skincare routine:

I like to mix high-brow and low-brow products.

I start the day by washing my face with Neutrogena’s pink grapefruit foaming wash, then I spray my skin with Caudalie’s beauty elixir as a toner. That’s really all I need before I apply DAILĒ as the last step before applying makeup.

From there, I apply MAC’s face & body foundation, and proceed with a little blush from Bare Essentials (vintage peach for daytime, fruit cocktail for nighttime.) And if I want to appear extra dewy that day, I spray Make-up Forever’s Mist & Fix. It sets the makeup and gives you to that JLo glow. But to be honest, since I’ve been using DAILĒ, I haven’t really felt the need to use it as much. I’m finding it gives me a similar effect.

At night, I wipe off my face with Neutrogena’s face wipes (the blue pack, not oil-free!)

Sporadic skincare routine:

Every 6 months I visit my mother’s spa in Queens for a deep-pore facial and microdermabrasion. I tend to have a really oily t-zone, so facials are necessary to get all that buildup out.

What are your goals with DAILĒ?

To develop a full line in the next couple of years and to continue to motivate the youngin’s to take care of their skin on the daily. Stay tuned…


Images via Daniela Spector