The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

Coolest Boutique Salon in BK

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

It’s no secret that I love Kinloch Salon in Williamsburg; you’ve read about my new do and got a peek at my fresh mane on Instagram, but I want you to get to know founder and colorist Courtney Lee of this thriving boutique salon. Not only is her place the absolute coolest spot in Brooklyn for a stylish cut or color, but it’s also chock full of amazing hair products by R+Co. The rad designs on these bottles bump up the salon’s cool-factor by a milli (that and the metallic flamingo wallpaper in the restroom by Grace & Favor — see below). Besides this jewel box being my new favorite hair salon, it’s also warm and inviting, and absolutely worth crossing the bridge for. Now scroll below to read about Courtney’s hair dos an don’ts, plus why she dislikes bouncy ringlet curls.

285 Metropolitan Ave
(718) 782 – 2727

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

Here is Courtney in action, taking a new client from drab to fab (yes, I said that).

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

Birth sign:

Orange County, New York

Current location:
Ridgewood, New York

Where you wish you were right now:
On the beach somewhere in Central America.

What made you want to open a hair salon:
I felt like it was the next natural step into my career and I wanted to create my own style in the signature look of both my work and space.

How did you come up with the salon’s name:
It’s the name of the street my maternal grandmother grew up on in Scotland. It’s Gaelic, so after I decided on that I looked up the meaning and by chance it translates to head land! It was meant to be. 😊

What is your overall hair philosophy:
Always have a good shampoo and conditioner at home! If you’re going to spend the money to do your hair, you might as well take care of it after your services. Would you wash a cashmere sweater with laundry detergent?

Hidden talent:
I color my own hair.

Guilty pleasure:
Real Housewives

Favorite hair product at this moment:
R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste. I LOVE dry shampoo, and they’ve come out with this paste that goes on right at the root. Amazing

Favorite hair style for summer:
Always love the tousled bed head look.

Hair style you can’t stand:
Bouncy ringlet curls. Just do a loose beachy wave.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten pertaining to work or life:
Don’t take things too seriously. 😜

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

On the far left is Jess, who cut my hair (also cutting a guy’s hair that looks like my ex beau).

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

The Coolest Boutique Salon in Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

Shop the gorgeously designed R+Co products below: