Fitness For Your Face

Fitness For Your Face with Clinique Sculptwear

Dear Clinique Sculptwear, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love how your Lift and Contour serum contours my face without makeup. I love how it provides an instant lift, offering me firmer, more taut skin. I love how your Contouring Massage Cream mask provides an opal-esque glow as it boosts collagen production. But most of all, I love your lightweight formula that instantly delivers a tightening feel. Yesterday, as part of my experience to try out the new Clinique Sculptwear line, I joined Bloomingdale’s for a facial toning exercise “class” with Face Love Fitness.

The FaceLove “class” consisted of muscle interval training, FirmFit touch, accupressure face reflexology, muscle rolling lift and tone, warm/cool stone tone, shoulder/neck release, signature hydration mist, including a makeup touchup with a Clinique specialist. This was all in part to showcase how these amazing products are just like the exercise; skin fitness for the face. After my day was done, I returned home to wash my face and apply the mask. I was pleasantly surprised as it was extremely luxurious and made my skin look and feel firmer.

This morning I used the serum and immediately felt tightening along my skin. I have been a fan of Clinique for many years, and just recently expressed my love for their products with a post about my skincare regimen. Finding products that truly do as they say is a great treat. The proof is in the pudding. I suggest you try these items right away!

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  • Nathalie Gusone

    Hi Christina,

    Very nice products from Clinique…i love this brand !!
    Can you add here or send me pictures of their ingredient list please ?