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Freshman Daze Music Playlist

You know that thing when you hear a song, and the lyrics grab you by the hand for a walk down memory lane? I do. I live my life by music. I have a song for everything and subscribe to the words as if they

Spirit Guide for Richards Spring/Summer 2014

Spirit Guide’s Exclusive Mix for Richards Spring/Summer 2014

It really is all about Spirit Guide for me. I am currently unwinding from NYFW while listening to Sina Sohrab’s EP for Richards Spring/Summer 2014 presentation. The Brooklyn-based designer and composer was inspired by Danny Boyle’s movie The Beach. “I started watching over and over just as this project started; it’s something that I


No New Friends

I have an early prediction of this remix being the summer jam of 2013. Heavy hitters DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne have unapologetically given us something to go hard for. With lyrics stating, “Still here with my day one niggas, so you


Helmut Lang Fall 2013 Runway Mix

With a track list of Lee Harvey Osmond’s Oh Linda, Tristesse Contemporaine’s In The Wake, and Savages‘ Husbands, who couldn’t resist Sébastien Perrin’s mix for Helmut Lang’s Fall 2013 runway show? The dark and romantic folk sounds mix into more upbeat dance music, then calms back down to the psychedelic melodies of Lee Harvey Osmond.