Q&A with Cyndi Ramirez of DAILĒ + Giveaway

30 October, 2014

MG 4210 Q&A with Cyndi Ramirez of DAILĒ + Giveaway

Mama Bear of Taste the Style, Cyndi Ramirez, has made her way through the blogosphere, and now waded into new territory: skincare. Cyndi, along with her boyfriend Adam Fulton, are the co-founders of kick-ass moisturizer, DAILĒ. The launch of their youth preserving product came amidst my newfound expertise in beauty. Read More

Tattoo Rue Fading Away with Tataway

27 October, 2014

Photo Oct 25 4 11 49 PM Tattoo Rue Fading Away with Tataway

You have been watching as my finger tattoos make a disappearing act, with each visit to Tataway growing more and more transparent and less visible. I’ve experienced my second visit to the New York office of laser tattoo removal professionals, Tataway, and surprised yet again with the results of PicoSure. Although, my visit on October 4th was really painful, it was definitely worth it. Read More

Try These Halloween Nail Art Ideas

21 October, 2014

5557e48d86e30955e8ae92aee26aff59 Try These Halloween Nail Art Ideas

There’s nothing that says, “I’m ready for Halloween!” like spooktacular nail designs. Each year I search the web for the best and the radest Halloween nail art ideas. This year I’ve come up with my best selections yet. From dainty skulls to bulging eyes, even ghoulish ghostly nails, I have got you covered for all your freaky festive needs.  Read More

Audacious Lipstick by NARS

28 September, 2014

IMG 2851 Audacious Lipstick by NARSI have a tendency to run into Sephora with intentions on giving myself a full makeover. I try out new concealers, bronzers, blushes, especially new lipstick. This week I was surprised by a lip shade that blew my mind and enhanced my look. It was an Audacious Lipstick by NARS in a poppy red called Annabella. Instantly I fell in love and had to take it home with me. I ran back to work to finish up the day, then headed out to meet my boyfriend and friend for dinner. On my way out I captured a selfie. Like the shade? You can get it here.

Nars audacious lipstick in annabella 1024x682 Audacious Lipstick by NARSImage via Krystal Couture

HUM Nutrition – Vegan + Gluten Free Vitamins & Supplements

28 September, 2014

HUM Brand Image dotcom 1024x1024 HUM Nutrition   Vegan + Gluten Free Vitamins & Supplements

Never have I ever enjoyed taking vitamins — let alone, remembered to take them. For the first time in my life I have found vitamins and supplements that work for me, so well in fact, that I am always eager to get my daily dose of them. The truth is, I don’t always eat right or make healthy food choices (when I am hungover) but I quickly realized that getting my required vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids from supplements was more practical for me. Introducing, HUM Nutrition. HUM is an entirely new concept that brings personalized nutrition right to your door. I discovered HUM via Instagram and headed to their website right away. To get started I took a quick online survey that was then evaluated by HUM’s Registered Dietitians.

Based on my diet, lifestyle, stress, and health goals I received an email with recommendations from my personal Registered Dietitian of what she felt would most benefit me. A few days later a package from HUM Nutrition arrived. I was given Red Carpet for glowing skin and shiny hair, Daily Cleanse for help with clear skin and removing body toxins, and Skinny Bird, HUM’s weight-loss program. I consumed the 3 bottles throughout the course of 30 days. I feel thinner, my skin looks amazing, and my hair is flawless! I swear by HUM’s vitamins and supplements. What’s more is the pills are all vegan, gluten-free, contain no GMOs or artificial ingredients, are sustainably sourced, and are fully vegetarian. If you are not taking HUM I suggest you get some now!


350 HUM Nutrition   Vegan + Gluten Free Vitamins & Supplements


HUM Founders 815x1024 HUM Nutrition   Vegan + Gluten Free Vitamins & Supplements

Founded by Walter Faulstroh and Christopher Coleridge, HUM’s line of targeted vitamins aim at solving beauty and lifestyle concerns. The cutting-edge formulations were developed by a team of leading scientists and are designed so that each can be combined based on individual needs.

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