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September Beauty Haul

September Beauty Haul #lecitykitty

Give me beauty or give me death. I’m kidding (but not). I am obsessed with products that make me smell good, feel good, and most importantly, look good. Hell, there are even some products that’ll make you taste good! I love a yummy flavored lip gloss; all the better to kiss with, my dear. So for my September beauty haul I had to touch on a few of the …

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Feeling Fabulous with Caress Daily Silk

Feeling Fabulous with Caress Daily Silk

R&R is really important to me. Once a week, I like to deep condition my hair while I detox my skin (I am literally the girl that says, “I can’t go out. I’m washing my hair.”) I love long baths. You know, the ones that leave you with pruned fingers. And I especially love pampering myself with…

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Fitness For Your Face with Clinique Sculptwear


Dear Clinique Sculptwear, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love how your Lift and Contour serum contours my face without makeup. I love how it provides an instant lift, offering me firmer, more taut skin. I love how your