Caress Forever Collection Body Wash

Caress Love Forever Body Wash

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Caress Forever Collection Body Wash

Touching your skin will never be the same now that Caress has introduced its Love Forever and Adore Forever collections. The fabulous touch technology amplifies your senses with a soft grace. You can literally just touch your body to heighten up to 12 hours of fresh fragrances. That’s right, any time you graze your skin, a burst of rich aromas are released from these perfumed shower gels. The feminine fragrances are phenomenal!

What you can look forward to are: a bouquet of rich florential sweetness blended with lush dark berries and the freshly picked Scarlet Red Rose from Love Forever, and touches of melting honey, vanilla and amber, infused with elegant petals of Angel Face Rose from Adore Forever. I favor the Love Forever scent since I am typically attracted to sweeter smells.

You can find these body washes at Walgreens, and What’s more is you can buy them for less than a latte! Be “The Unforgettable Girl” — a woman who leaves a long lasting first impression and is the center of attention.

Caress Forever Collection Body Wash

Have you tried the Caress Forever Collection body wash? What are your favorite scents?

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